Sunday, August 29, 2010

Moving Canvas

There must be at least two festivals per month here in Daegu. From what we've seen this is typical across the country. This weekend we went to see the International Bodypainting Festival. Another free festival, the event hosted artists from all over the world that use the body as their canvas. There were dozens of tents set up all day that attendees could visit to see models being painted up. There was also plenty of festival food, arts and crafts tents, and random trinkets for sale. For the most part it was your typical festival, except for all the naked people with crazy painted murals all over their bodies.

This guy was also there.

And this guy.

One strange activity for kids was the mechanical teddy bear rickshaw race. These bears that have mechanical legs cart participants around in a circle (the circle goes around an ancient burial mound). It seemed cute at first but it's pretty creepy to see them in action.

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