Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beer Snacks, part one

So many things about bars in Korea are different than in the States. They serve a different purpose here, and it is a bit complicated to explain. I may try and expand on that in the future, but for now I want to talk about something that is always fun about having drinks in Korea: the snacks. So far we've been consistently surprised with what comes with our sub-par beer. This weekend we received this:

The popcorn tasted a bit like curry, a bit like shrimp. But the sticks on the left, their really weird. It is kind of like a raw piece of spaghetti that is salted, but it might be an attempt at a pretzel stick. The problem is they really don't do bread here, so they may have tried to make a pretzel without yeast and flour. The result was a salty, crunchy stick of I don't know what. This bar was a self proclaimed "western bar," but even at the places that are attempting to emulate American establishments there is always still a small disconnect. It's really great fun to figure out what it is.

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