Sunday, May 19, 2013


doodoop doodoop doodoop duhdoop...the worst is over.

Friday is a breath of fresh air.  After a typically hellish Thursday, the final day of the work week is a welcome change.  It couldn't be more opposite than it's weekly predecessor.

I get started teaching at 1:10.  The school isn't too far from my studio, so some weeks I'll get to the studio early and then head to work. When I arrive, my co-teachers have a plan, have control of their students (not to mention their respect), and have lots of aids for teaching (flash cards, games, etc.).  They both speak English very well, and they are patient with me.  They keep the students in line.  It's golden.

My classes every other day of the week are 40 minutes long, but at this school they are 30.  Huge difference.  I split time between two teachers, making the day go by that much quicker.  Both are exceptional teachers and are appreciative of me being there.  They are professional.

The students are excited to see me, and have limits.  They aren't jumping all over me, and they will attempt to speak even if they don't feel comfortable.

My day ends at 4:30.  The school is located right next to where Beth works, so it's pretty common for us to meet up after I finish and have coffee or something.  The week wraps up quite nicely.

I leave Bongdeok Elementary each Friday thinking "that was awesome, bring on the weekend!"

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