Monday, November 5, 2012

The Tambourine

Tambourines are used for two things in Korea:  assisting your singing room (aka Karaoke) session, and making teenagers fall and get sick.  

This little carnival ride is in most downtown hubs.  There is a DJ/Operator that spins and taunts the teenagers, whose only chance of not falling on the floor is gripping the chrome pole behind him.  As the operator pops the hydraulics and spins the wheel, he laughs this really seedy laugh (think of a cartoon dog's laugh) and spotlights the person he decides to pick on.  Once he's decided this, he does everything he can to launch this person out of their seat.  There is no way this would pass even the loose standards that most State Fairs' follow; with no seat belts, no roof, and no helmets required/provided this would be a lawsuit nightmare in America.

Bodies fall.  After about two minutes, the middle schoolers get the courage to try and stand up in the middle of "The Tambourine."  Fatal mistake.  They crash and burn, gripping onto their friends ankles in an attempt to crawl back up to their seat.  The ride lasts about 6 or 7 minutes, and it's amazing that everyone doesn't get up and barf afterwards.

I haven't been able to convince anyone to ride it with me yet.

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