Sunday, October 7, 2012

Get Ya Shine Gone

No one is bald here.  Seriously, I find myself taking a double-take whenever I see someone without hair on their head.

Initially I chalked this up to genetics, but the abundance of wig shops has made me rethink this.  Normally, a subject this blas√© wouldn't warrant a post, but I saw a few weird wig shops this week.

The Sides Wig

When your completely confident about your top side bareness, but above your ears needs some beefing up, go for the "sides" wig.

Hand Hair

This wig is more understandable.  My younger students always want to touch my arm to feel the hair on them it doesn't seem real.  Most Koreans have little to no arm hair, so wanting to use a wig to amp up your hand hair makes perfect sense.

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