Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shake It

As you might guess, there are hundreds of electronic stores here. Each one is usually 3 stories, and carries everything from 3D televisions down to rice cookers. They are shiny and sterile inside, and the prices are average, or a little expensive.

So what would get you into these places, since there are hundreds of them? Most weekends, this job is put on the shoulders of two teenage (?) girls.

Any electronics store that is worth it's salt has a pair of dancing queens in front of it on most weekends. They get going around noon and don't stop until after sunset. Speakers are blaring as their synchronized moves lure customers in. I think.

I post this now because Spring has finally appeared here, and these girls go into hibernation during the winter months. Their replacement is a couple of sad tubes full of hot air and a really wimpy boombox. I'm glad its spring again!

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