Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Another Day

I really feel like we see something new everyday. It's usually something small or insignificant,
but for the most part you know you'll see something you haven't seen before. So this post is really just documenting a normal day in Daegu. Also, it's a chance to post some pictures I like.

The Cell Phone Store Robots

These things are posted up in front of about half of all the cell phone stores here, (which by the way would outnumber Starbucks in the States by about 10 to 1. They are EVERYWHERE). They are weird and awkward, and have various heads on them. This one greets us when we get off the subway downtown. I caught this kid being pulled away from it. The thing creeps me out, I can't imagine why anyone would be inclined to enter a store with this in front of it.

Paper Lanterns

Buddha's Birthday is approaching, and all these beautiful paper lanterns have been appearing all over town. This grouping was hanging outside a small Buddhist school. I thought the polka-dot shadows were nice.


Things are being torn down and built up at an alarming rate here. An empty storefront can become a new functioning business in 2 days. It's not uncommon to see stuff like this in the back alleys.

A Little Market Stroll

The markets are one of the best things about this country. You just see so much interesting stuff.

There is a big alley where you see fruit distribution. Watermelons are really popular and abundant here. They are just coming back into season.

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but this is a vat of boiling bones. I have no idea what they are making here, or if this is just some sort of broth. Regardless, it's super neat-o.

There's an old tradition here that if you open a new business you put a pigs head in front of it to display. People then stuff money in the mouth and ears of the pig to help the beginning business. Our boss told us that everyone knows about this tradition but it isn't practiced anymore. Apparently some people do because there is a whole street dedicated to these heads.

Fishcake strips are on the sticks, they are simmering in a pot of boiling crabs.

Power polls are a mess here. I think people are stealing power, tapping into the source and not paying for it. This is just speculation though, it could just be that the area has grown so fast they haven't had time to make proper adjustments.

Gloves anyone?

Popcorn anyone?

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  1. I guess it's just like wacky, wavy-armed inflatable tube man here. You see them everywhere, you don't quite understand the appeal, but you sure do notice them.

    Korea's version is way creepier, though. I'll give you that.