Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MESH at the Colorful Daegu Festival

Got time for a quick one. MESH Printing (also known as Chris and Jess) went downtown this weekend to sell some prints. It actually turned out to be worth our time! We met some cool people, showed people our work, and sold some stuff. Lots of fun.

The reason we were able to do this was the Colorful Daegu Festival. The yearly festival hosts art vendors, musical performances, and a big parade as well. All sorts of quirky and creative things are going on for the whole weekend.

Some people had so much fun they couldn't even stay awake.  A nice little Saturday evening blackout in the subway station is a nice way to say "I'm finished for tonight." I thought the use of the soju (the Korean alcohol of choice) bottle as a pillow was as creative and hilarious as it was sad.

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