Saturday, April 27, 2013


Before this job actually began, the schedule they offered me is pretty different than what I actually have to do.  What was going to be a school very close to me became an out of town gig, a real kick in the pants.  I have to travel to another city, a 30 minute train ride away.  Gumi (their city slogan is "Yes, Gumi!") is a small town outside of Daegu.  Every other week I have to take the train to Gumi, the other weeks my co-teacher drives me.  This drive is full of awkward silences and empty small talk.  Luckily she can speak english pretty well but it is utterly boring.  I only work 1:10-4:50, but because of the commute my day is more like 11:30-6:30.

Gumi has actually been much better than I anticipated.  Despite the dull conversation the co-teacher is organized and active, and teaches with me.  The students are pretty great, and the school itself is fairly new.  Even with the commute, Wednesdays are one of my better days.  Situated on the outside of what is already a small city, the school is situated between high rise apartments and farmland.  And of course, gorgeous mountains.

The playground/field

My hallway.  You can see the students' uniforms.

My co-teacher and my classroom.

Getting home on the slow train to Daegu.  The train is comfy, and only costs $3.

I typically leave Wednesdays saying "that wasn't as bad as I thought.  Now how long will it take to get home?"

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