Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Snack Time

I realized that I've been neglecting this blog recently.  I think that is because a lot of the newness of Korea has worn off.  I've been here for nearly 3 years now, and when I walk down the street and see couples dressed in the same outfits, bizarre configurations of English, and massive heaps of trash it's just part of my day.  No big whoop.

However, I did see something that caught my eye the other night.  A food truck was parked near my apartment complex.  It looked like they were serving up hand-cut french fries, something I knew Beth would flip out about!  There was a massive pile of them just waiting to be bought and consumed.  As I got closer though, I realized it was something else entirely.


Yes, deep fried sardines.  And where did they get these little fishies, from the freezer on the truck?  Oh no, these babies were fresh.  That's right, there was a giant aquarium attached to the truck where they grabbed them with a strainer, battered them, and fried 'em up just for you.  You can see the biker on the left was getting his money out for a bag.

It was fun to see that the newness keeps coming.

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