Monday, September 19, 2011

The Loop-De-Loop

For Chusok, the Korean equivalent to Thanksgiving, we went to Geoje island. You may remember Geoje from a previous post, one that ended in karaoke. This trip was very different, we went with 8 close friends and rented a house for 4 days.

During Chusok everyone visits their families. EVERYONE. There is a mass exodus from Seoul, as everyone goes to their hometown to stay with their families, honor their elders, and get really drunk off of soju. Because of this, rental houses like the one we stayed at are guaranteed to be empty, therefore one can get a really nice deal on a room. We had the island very much to ourselves for a few days.

I could post some pictures of the house we stayed in, or our afternoon at the beach, or the rice fields right next to where we stayed, but I'd rather post some pictures from this abandoned amusement park we went to. The park closed in 1999 after a girl was thrown from one of the rollercoaster seats, killing her. Lawsuits were brought, and the owner closed the place down. It looks like they just said "we're closed" one day and walked out, most everything is still in it's right place. The most interesting part is the entropy, and how much can happen in a decade.


  1. Did you crawl up onto the roller coaster tracks? It looked like it from one of the photos. Entropy. Good word! I've never used it for anything...but I'm becoming an illustration of it rather quickly!

  2. Funny comment, there.

    I like how what was once an amusement park is still an amusement park, but in a way never intended by the builders.