Thursday, June 2, 2011

Work Trip

We had to take a trip for work this Wednesday with all of the teacher at the academy. This meant:

No class on Wednesday
Free food and beer for two days
A small "pension" on Geoje, an island off the south coast of Korea

It was one of the best "work" trips I've been on. We had a private bus transport us down south, stopping along the way for coffees and snacks. We stayed at a hotel right on the water, did some sightseeing, and came back for a bbq and drinks.

The typical bbq spread doesn't look very different from back home, but a lot of the food is. We had sushi, kimchi, hotdogs, and samgeopsal, which is thick cut bacon. There isn't any bread, we put the bacon on lettuce leaves.

They cook hotdogs here by cutting them on each side, I'm not sure why. They are all on sticks because they don't use buns typically.

This is the bacon I was telling you about.

A little rock skipping after dinner with Chang Ha's son.

Once the sun started setting, more drinks and food came out. Korean's love to eat while drinking, so there was a smorgasbord of chips and snacks, and before it was over we'd ordered fried chicken. During all this we did some acapella singing. I chose "My Girl" because I knew the lyrics but most of the teachers whipped out their cell phones and found the lyrics to their favorite songs so they could sing them properly. An empty can of beer with scissors was our microphone.

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  1. Excuse me, but WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ON YOUR UPPER LIP?!!!!!

    Oh- and a hot dog without a bun is like an episode of AFV without someone getting hit in the nuts. It's just not complete.