Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holidays in Korea

We're pretty far into the holiday season, and so far it's been lovely. We were warned before we moved here that November and December can be tough for expats because it doesn't feel like the holidays. So I decided that we would do our best to bring the holidays with us.

Though we miss our friends and family (because that's the best part of the holidays), we've created a holiday atmosphere here complete with a real Thanksgiving, too many Christmas lights, and friends that feel like family.

For Thanksgiving everyone brought a dish and shared some special traditions from their families or cultures. We had a Russian toast before we ate, and said cheers in 10 different languages. The food was incredible. This is a picture of one of the tables of food (there were three!)

We had a beautiful little girl named Hana around to keep everyone charmed.

The day ended with the boys on the porch smoking cigars and some fun rounds of charades and other games. You can't beat that!


  1. Wish we knew all of your friends. You could be the basis for a great TV series! I got hungry just looking at the food.