Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Korean sushi is not the Japanese sushi we get in the states. They don't bother wrapping the fish up in seaweed and rice. They get right to the point here, just a big platter o' fish.

In Korea each meal is served with multiple side dishes. Here are some pics of the appetizers/kimchi that we ate beforehand. Sea snails, boiled peanuts, seaweed sheets, radish, cucumbers, carrots, bean curd, and sweet potatoes.

How do you eat sea snails? These things still have barnacles on them, you can't just suck the snail out. Grab a toothpick and pull that sucker (no pun intended) out of the shell. It isn't anything that I loved, but it wasn't that bad either. You can see the sushi in the background to the left.

Sure, sushi chefs will cut the fish up in front of you in the States, but is the tail still flipping? They pull these guys out of the tank and cut 'em up and put them on the plate. We use the term "fresh" to describe food in the States but I think this is on another level. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of this. Instead, please enjoy this picture of the leftovers after the appetizers. Sea snail shells, a boiled peanut, and a boiled quail eggs.

Our director (the equivalent of the Principal) at our school took us to his Aunt's sushi place where we had this sushi. It was in Busan, the second largest city in Korea which is situated on the coast. This spot was in the middle of 20+ tents serving the exact same thing. Here in Korea, once you find your place for sushi that is the only place you go.

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