Sunday, July 25, 2010

Seonyudo Island

We took a trip to Seonyudo Island this weekend. 5 hours by bus/ferry. It was nice to see the Korean countryside along the way. The island has a few trees grouped together where people can camp for free. That picture of the mud is pretty neat, its a trick that locals use to get these crustacean slugs out of the ground. They dig into the ground and look for burrowing holes, then sprinkle some salt into the hole. This irritates the creature and it pops up out of the ground. You have to grab it quick! Apparently you can take your catch to the local restaurant and they will cook it for you. It doesn't look like it would taste very good.

The island was beautiful. The sunburn is painful.


  1. Can't say I eat too many of the things I pull out the ground with my bare hands.

  2. I thought you were trying to build a drip castle!